The Urban Survival Site shows the reader 10 must have perfect bartering goods.  Bartering is a lost art.  But, if the SHTF your money may be worthless or if hyperinflation hits you don’t want to have to carry a suitcase full of money to go grocery shopping. That is why in your long term food storage and prepper storage you should always include items for barter.  Many in the list are commons sense survival items. However, you’ll also want to consider storing  such commodities as whiskey or tobacco.   One item that was missing though that I think could be great for bartering would be candy and, if you could store it, perhaps chocolate.   You should not though that some of the items listed, like tobacco, are not inexpensive. However, history has shown that Tobacco makes a killing in the underground economy.

Many preppers like to hoard cash and precious metals in case of an economic collapse. The cash is in case of a deflationary collapse where banks run out of money and cash is hard to find. And precious metals are in case of a hyperinflationary collapse where banks print too much money and cash becomes 10 Inexpensive SHTF Barter Items To Get Right Now

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