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Glock G19x

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Glock G19X Pistol

Shooting Illustrated announces that Glock is shipping out 100,000 Glock G19x pistols for the general public.    The article, which was likely from a press release, doesn’t give an extensive review.  But, since Glock is known for quality, this should be a great pistol. According to the article, the G19X is a hybrid of the G17 and G19 pistols. Glock calls it “Cross Over”

Glock shipped more than 100,000 G19X pistols—the gunmaker’s commercial version of the sidearm it developed for the U.S. Army Modular Handgun System solicitation—since its introduction at the 2018 SHOT Show in January 2018. “The Glock 19X is a mix between the Glock G17 and the Glock G19,” Annette Evans explained for Shooting Illustrated when she had a chance to shoot it during the event’s range day. “It gives you the grip length of the Glock G17, so you get full-size capacity and a full-length grip—a big advantage for those of you with hands that are a bit too big and hang over the bottom edge of a compact grip. The slide, however, is the slightly shorter Glock G19 which can be both easier and more comfortable to conceal.” Shooting Illustrated | Glock Ships 100,000 G19X Pistols

According to this short review, the G19X seems to offer the best of both worlds.  It is rather pricey at $749.  But, if you can afford it, it seems like buying the G19X is well worth the investment.