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Survival Hacks:  Shoelaces As A Survival Tool

When you’re in a SHTF, survival situation, if you want to survive, you’ll need to learn to improvise.  This means you’ll need to learn to think “outside the box” when it comes to using the comforts of civilization that you may have never had or run out.  This article from the Urban Survival SitShoe Laces Survival Hacke does just that with its list of 11 innovative ways that you can use shoelaces as a tool for survival.

Some of these suggestions require you to have extra shoe laces with you, which, limits the ideas usefulness.  For example, using your shoelace as a belt is silly as when you’re outdoors, hiking, fishing, etc., you’ll likely have a belt. But, you won’t have extra shoelaces.

Don’t underestimate how much saggy pants can slow you down. When you’re in survival mode, you’re going to lose weight and those trousers are going to get loose. Tie your shoelace around your pants as a makeshift belt so you have no distractions while hunting, escaping, or foraging.
11 Survival Hacks Using Shoe Laces | Urban Survival Site

However, most of the suggestions are quite thought-provoking and would make MCgyver proud. For example, you can use shoelaces for fishing.

You don’t need top-of-the-line fishing gear to catch dinner. Use your shoelaces as both fishingg line and lure! One method is to attach a fishing hook or bottle cap to the end of your shoelace. The other is to make a fly lure by threading a hook through your lace, burning the end near the eyelet and fraying the other near the hook.
Fish are stupid and will think they’re chasing some grub. Check out this tutorial to get started. 11 Survival Hacks Using Shoe Laces | Urban Survival Site

Also, shoe laces are great for setting up snare traps.

Gather together a shoestring, a pocket knife, and some tree branches. Now you’re all set to create a snare trap to catch a passing critter.. 11 Survival Hacks Using Shoe Laces | Urban Survival Site

Additionally, shoe laces can even be used for outdoor cooking.

The lazy man’s way of cooking! Using two shoelaces, secure both ends of a stick so that it hangs over your fire like a clothing line. You can either skewer meat & veggies on the stick or lay pieces of bacon over the stick to give your meal a nice smokey flavor. This video will give you an idea of what you’re going for. 11 Survival Hacks Using Shoe Laces | Urban Survival Site

Overall, a great article that gets you thinking.

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