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Modern Survival Online reveals the 14 essential skills you’ll need to know for urban survival.  This is a great intro to, the often neglected, urban survival. I especially like how this article reminds you to learn several that most people would not feel is needed in an urban survival scenario.   Some of which are:

  1. Navigation:  If the SHTF it’s quite likely GPS will be non-existent.  So, get out your compass and start orienteering.
  2.  Climbing Skills: Learning to climb, like a monkey, is useful when you are wanting to escape from bad guys.
  3. Evasion:  It’s is often wise to learn to run away and live to fight another day.

And much more . . . click the link below for access to see the entire list.

By Megan When SHTF, the most important thing for you to understand is that everything you know about how the world works can change very quickly. Most new preppers do their planning as if they [ These 14 Urban Survival Skills are Critical

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