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Weeping FigI may receive some criticism that this article concerning, natural purification via plants, is not related to  the prepper or self sufficiency lifestyle.  However, this is misguides because in either a SHTF situation or when you’re living off the grid you’ll want to take advantage of natural air purification.  For example, if disaster strikes you’ll may be stuck in your house for days, week, or even months.  This could mean you could be subject to hazardous chemicals like benzynes, ammonia, and xylene.   Because of this you’re wise to purify your air.

This infograph posted on  Daily Health Post lists 18  house plants that can help you purify your air naturally.  Also, this list is backed up by NASA.

This list is based on a study done by NASA. The study found that certain plants were better at removing the following toxic chemicals from the air (1): 18 plants to purify the air in your house – Recommended by Nasa

Click here to go to the article . . .18 plants to purify the air in your house – Recommended by Nasa