Month: October 2014

Warning: Don’t Try to Buy a Bushcraft Knife Without Reading This Article First

     The survival knife or bushcraft knife is one of the most important tools that you could get your hands on in a survival or emergency situation.  This is because you can do pretty much everything that is needed to survive in the wild with a proper knife.  Be it an outdoors or wildernesses adventure – camping hunting or even fishing, your knife will either be used as a utensil, tool or a weapon.      Given it’s usefulness and importance, it is crucial that you get a knife that’s dependable, high quality, durable and has a high level of functionality and convenience.  Choosing a reliable and durable knife is very important.  And In order to get the ultimate deal, you’ll need to learn all there’s to know about a perfect bushcraft knife so it doesn’t fail you when you need it most. And this may sound cliche; but, a proper knife can be the difference between life and death.  So, where is a guide for selecting the best survival knife. General Considerations      The real issue here is that not every knife, steel or otherwise, is designed to perform well in most common survival or disaster situations.  So, you need to do your research and get the knife that is best suited for whatever situation you’re in.    First, it is important that your knife is easy to use.  And...

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Discover the Walking Dead’s Disaster Prep Lessons

Turns out you don’t need to anticipate a zombie apocalypse to prepare for the worst. There are things I’ve learned from watching Rick lead the others on The Walking Dead that I’m sure would come in useful in the aftermath of a hurricane or an earthquake, for instance, or a terrorist attack.  So, gather your Zombie survival gear and start reading. How can you compare zombies and a hurricane and other natural disasters? At many levels, the situation is similar. The world is chaotic, social structure crumbles, and people can become savages when they are faced with hunger and food shortage. They can steal and even kill in order to feed themselves and their families. That’s the kind of breakdown we need to prepare for, and here’s what the Walking Dead taught me about surviving in such a world. Never Let Your Guard Down      This is the most valuable lesson I’ve tucked away from Rick’s repeated warnings to the others. This simply means staying alert, which is exactly what survival trainers and guidebooks tell you to do at all times. The simple rule will apply whether there is an earthquake, an economic crisis and food shortage, a hurricane, a terrorist attack or a flood. You need to stay alert for a number of reasons. In the aftermath of the first shock of an earthquake, for instance, there is...

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Warning: Don’t Buy a Survival BackPack Until You Read This

  There isn’t any piece of gear that matters more than a good survival backpack.Everything you carry with you into the woods will need to be stuffed into, strapped on, or carried by your back pack. Therefore, It’s very important that you select a backpack that’s right for your needs, otherwise you could end your trip outdoors with an aching back, sore shoulders or much worse. Picking the Right Size Pack One of the biggest keys to picking the proper survival backpack is to know how long you plan to be camping. Overnight packs should be lightweight; but, they...

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