Month: December 2014

Introduction To The Paracord Survival Bracelet

The Paracord or 550 Paracord survival bracelet is a must have for any respectable prepper.  This video is a great intro to this tool.  It goes into the following: What type of cord to purchase? All cords aren’t the same. Unusual ways to use your cord.  For example, you can use the 550 bracelet as sewing thread and fishing line. Other good stuff !!! Basically, there is not an outdoor tool that is as multipurpose as the paracord.  So, you need to know how to us it and this video is a great...

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The Ultimate Knot Tying Video: All Preppers Should Know These Knots

     This video is a great introduction to the skill of knot tying. Knowing how to tie these knots correctly is a useful skill that is very helpful in all situations. For example, through this video you’ll learn how to tie rope knots that can be used in rescue situations and camping. Below is a list of knots that every prepper should know: Overhand knot is used to prevent the line from separating into different strands, to form a knob at the end of the line, or to serve as a basis of other knots. The overhand knot is also used to increase a person’s grip on a line. A Square Knot or Reef Knot is used to fasten your rope around a object and to fasten a rope securely to two lines that are the same size. This knot also prevents slipping. It is also called the reef knot. Figure eight knot is used to stop the line from separating into different strands when the rope is pulled through a block. Bowline knot is one of the most basic and most important knots. The Bowline knot puts a loop at the end of your rope. This knot is an easy knot to tie and it is also can be untied with ease. This knot is also a rescue rope knot. For example, it can be used to...

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The Ultimate Guide To Emergency Survival Kits

      The emergency survival kit refers to a collection of fundamental items that your family may need when disaster strikes.  This kit is a very essential and basic part of disaster preparedness.  Its other names are 72 hour kit or a bug out bag.  This kit list is primarily for when you are at home. First Things First You need to make a conscious effort to put together your kit well before an emergency happens as you could be required to evacuate at a very short notice. When disaster strikes, you should plan on fending for yourself.  So,...

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