Month: September 2015

Justifiable Self Defense Round Up

Nowadays, relying on the police as a sole means of protection, at best, is foolhardy or nieve.  The police can’t be there to protect you at all times and even when they can help you by the time they get to you, it will likely be too late.  If you don’t believe this just do some research on the Rodney King riots in the early 90’s, and the more recent Fergusen debacle. That is why the right to defend yourself is one of the most important fundamental rights in society today.  And without any doubt learning to properly use...

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Boxing 101-Part II: How To Throw a Punch

You have to learn to crawl before you learn to walk. That’s why when using boxing for self defense training you must learn the basics. The first boxing self defense technique that you should learn is a boxers stance. A proper boxing stance is so very important because skill and technique are far more important in boxing than brute strength. In fact, great footwork will enable you to better opponents who may significantly outweigh you. The Boxers Stance Explained      You must first place your left foot ahead of your right foot (ten to twenty inches. The exact distance depends...

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Why Should You Reload?

Why Reload In The First Place? There are may reasons why you think why you would not want to reload your ammo.  Some of which are: 1.  Too busy- 2.  Not mechanical- All of these are good reasons to not want to reload your ammo.  But, you should reconsider as reloading ammo has many advantages.  For example: . . . desires unique ammunition not available from ammunition suppliers, cost may be overlooked depending on the unique nature of the shooter Credits: Why Reload Your Own Ammo? – Accuracy – Also, surprisingly, reloaded ammo results in better accuracy: Accuracy. Factories...

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Boxing 101-Part I The Proper Way To Punch

With the advent of MMA, Boxing is thought of by many to be just a sport and not as a means of self-defense. However, they could never be wronger as boxing is something everyone should learn in self defense training. So, here is the intro to a series of articles instructing you on how to throw a punch properly. Making a Fist      First of all, every self-defense student needs to learn the correct method to make a fist as improperly thr owing punch may cause dislocated joints and broken bones. And when you are in a life...

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Triple Amputee Iraq BJJ Competitor Eliminates Your Excuse For Not Working Out

So, you’re feeling sorry for yourself?  And you have a ton of excused on why you can not Embed from Getty Images regularly exercise.  You have too many injuries, out of shape, not enough time are some of the excuses that you may have on why you can’t work out.  After viewing this video, all of your excuses will have been eliminated.   The video and article below is about Joey Bozik, a triple-amputee Iraq War veteran: Joey Bozik is showing the martial arts community there are no excuses. The triple amputee competes in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, a martial art similar to wrestling but with submission attacks.  Bozik, a 36-year-old retired Army sergeant from McKinney, has amputated legs, one longer than the other, and an amputated arm. His other arm has about 70 percent of its capability. Credits: Triple amputee wounded in Iraq attacks disability by competing in Brazilian … – My MMA (registration) My advice is to read the article, watch the video and remember Bozik’s life when you are feeling sorry about any little nagging injuries that you may...

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