Month: November 2016

Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Survival Tents And Shelters Repair

Whether you are are a prepper, survivalist, or just a camper, getting and keeping your survival tents and shelters in top shape should be a priority. After all, it would not be much for you to find out, in the middle of a storm, that you have a hole in your canvas or survival tarp. So, it behooves you to use your spare time to time to check up on your existing camping equipment and if needed either fix or replace damaged equipment. Below are great tips on upkeep and repair of your bushcraft equipment. Survival Tents and Shelters Check your tent, tarp, and other canvas equip­ment by spreading them out on a clean, dry floor. Check the seams, corner reinforcements, grommets, or stake loops for any tears and then if needed re­stitch the above. Repairs can be easily made with a stout needle and waxed thread ( be sure to use a thimble to avoid injured fingers) or with an inexpensive sewing awl that carries its thread in the handle. These sewing awls have straight or curved needles for either canvas or leather, and they sew even heavy ma­terial easily and securely. Check tent seams, particularly along the ridge and at the corners. After any sewing, rub the new stitches with can­dle wax or paraffin for extra water­ proofing, or spray them with liquid waterproofing. Inspect the stitching...

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An Ultimate Guide To Selecting and Filling Up The Best Tackle Box

Guide to Buying and Filling Up Your Best Tacklebox How often do you: Miss hooking a good fish because your hooks are dull? Spend 15 min­utes untangling a mess of lures and lines in the bottom of your tackle box while trying to get at that one special lure? Buy a bunch of plugs that are too large to fit the compartments in your tackle box? If you have some of these troubles, you also have lots of company. Most anglers go fishing without a complete and efficient kit of tools and accessories. Now, an impressive and well-stocked tackle...

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Reccomended Winter Pre Made Survival Kits

Winter is soon approaching, and depending on where you live you need to be sure that that you have your pre made survival kits prepared and ready. You need to remember that depending on where you live; weather conditions can be extremely erratic. It could be 60 degrees in the morning and turn into a blizzard in the afternoon.” First o fall, along with a proper emergency survival kit, you need to remember that common sense, general awareness of your surroundings, and knowing the general principles of winter survival. So, if your car breaks down in a snowstorm, you...

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