Month: May 2017

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The Ultimate Fall Out Shelter Plan Series-#1

The first is a series of cold war era fallout shelter. Don’t discount these fall out shelter plans as they come from 1959.  These plans are in-depth and were designed for the general public.  So, they are a great resource. This fall out shelter, if properly built, could save you and your families life.   And of course these plans can also be useful for those in tornado country....

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How Range Safety Isn’t As Bad As You Think

This video was made for gun range personal.  However, even if you don’t plan to manage a gun range, there is some great gun safety information.  Also, for your information, I’ve included the transcript. Transcript [00:00:06] He has been on the firing line. [00:00:29] Safety is the most important concern as a firearms instructor. You’re responsible for the personal safety of your students, bystanders and yourself by recognizing common safety violations. You can correct potentially dangerous mistakes or better yet prevent them from happening in the first place. [00:00:55] Safety begins the moment the student picks up a weapon....

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The 15 Biggest Gun Safety Fail Blunders

15 Gun Safety Fails (Don’t Try This At Home Kids 15 examples of how not to handle guns.  These mistakes are so mind-blowingly bad.  Yet, like a grisly car accident, you can’t turn your eyes away. These pics are in no particular order of idiocy.  So, for your morbid amusement. Here, you go: 1. I Hope These Guys Aren’t On Our Side! Machine gun fail from gifs 2.  No Words Can Be Said To Describe The Stupidity How not to hold a shotgun. from gifs 3.  Hopefully, The Moron Will Learn His Lesson . . . Most Likely He...

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Expandable Baton 101: Users Guide To This Versatile Non-Lethal Weapon

The expandable baton is an intermediate force device intended to augment your defensive, arrest, and control techniques. It is not a substitute when deadly force is necessary, reasonable and proper. The expandable baton when properly used is not likely to cause death or serious bodily injury. However, as with any intermediate weapon, aggravated and intentional misuse may cause death or serious injury. The expandable baton is also referred to as a collapsible baton. It is constructed of durable metal shafts and provides a low profile. When closed, this baton is only six to nine inches long. The baton will open when it is held firmly with the shsnapped downward next to your leg. The baton is closed by striking the tip sharply and directly on a hard surface. The size of the expandable baton makes it easy to carry, and it is easy to conceal, which makes it an ideal non lethal weapon. The baton is primarily carried on the non-gun side of your body. It should always be holstered in the designated scabbard with the tip end down. The scabbard should be positioned where you can comfortably reach the handle with your gun hand. When placing the scabbard in this position, check to ensure it is snapped and firmly held onto the belt. By regularly carrying the baton in this position it will ensure that the device is...

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