Month: August 2018

How To Introduce Your Child To The Survivalist Lifestyle

Survival techniques are vital for humanity at this point when we live under constant threat from nuclear attacks, earthquakes, hurricanes, and other natural calamities. Whereas adults are well-versed with numerous vital survival tricks that can keep them alive in the event of such disasters, our children are rarely equipped with these skills. Whereas we can survive, our children would rarely do so without us. It is therefore about time to start thinking on how we can introduce them to the survivalist lifestyle that we thrive in. However, a lingering question is on how we can precisely do so with...

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Maybe Preppers Aren’t So Crazy After All?

The Prepper Stereotype The prepper community is almost always portrayed negatively in modern day society.   At best preppers are portrayed as being tin-hat foil wearing eccentrics. And at worst preppers are portrayed like the Unabomber.  However,  the excellent blog Survival Kit’s article shows that, for most preppers, these above stereotypes couldn’t be further from the truth as most preppers prepare for realistic real-world situations. As an example, most preppers don’t stockpile food for an impending apocalypse as most preppers concentrate their efforts for real world, realistic, Sdisasters. While contending with extreme or apocalyptic survival situations makes for great television, the growing prepper community...

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Is The Glock 43 The ultimate CCW Pistol?

Glock 43 Review National Interest reviews the Glock 43 or G43.  The Glock 43, due to its performance and compact nature, is thought of as many to be the ideal subcompact pistol for concealed carry.  But, is the Glock 43 all hype or is it the real thing? What Are Subcompact Pistols? Simply put, subcompact handguns are designed for concealed carry in that these handguns are specifically manufactured to be compact enough to be hidden and powerful enough to stop an enemy. The subcompact must balance a bullet powerful enough to stop a threat with the fact that the...

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Competitive Vs. Combat Shooting

5 Ways Combat Shooting Is Different Between Competitive Shooting highlights 5 ways competitive shooting drills differ from competitive shooting competition. This article claims and also I personally am not against competitive shooting. Shooting competitively is a great hobby and an excellent way to get use to firing your weapon of choice. But, often competitive shooting is not realistic preparation for a  real life or death scenario and some popular competition shooting drills could even be deadly. Here, are a few ways in which real life shooting drills differ from competitive shooting drills. 1. Single Shot Targets All targets are single shot...

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Self Sufficiency 101 For Preppers

Self Sufficiency For Preppers Survival life showcases the essential skills that every Prepper should know.  Many Preppers feel that the self sufficiency lifestyle doesn’t pertain to prepping.  At first glance, this can make some sense as many Preppers stock up on store bought long term emergency food supplies.  But, what happens if the SHTF scenario last longer than your supply of food or supplies?  That’s why every Prepper should know at least some basic homesteading/self sufficiency skills. Some of the recommended skills are obvious. (I.E. First Aid) However, many listed skills are ones the average Prepper would not even...

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