Month: October 2018

Firewood Is Not Created Equally: Choosing The Best Firewood

Choosing The Correct Type Of Wood For The Job There are thousands of videos, articles and other information, which tell you how to build a fire.  However, selecting the correct wood for the job is often ignored.   Some may think that this information is relatively basic and that most people should already know this information.  However,  fireplace us is not ass common as it used to be.   The reason for this is either through choice (it is a lot easier to turn on your heater vs. chopping wood), heavy regulation, and even some cities (because of pollution...

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Flood Preparedness Survival Tips: After The Flood

Flood Relief Information You may have done everything you possibly could for hurricane preparedness or flood preparedness. For example, you may have, what you thought was, a hurricane proof home and you may have thought you have a flood proof house. However, no matter how well prepared for a hurricane, your hurricane ready house or flood proof house still may be either severely hit by flood damage. So, what can you do after the flood has hit and you have either substantial flood damage or been destroyed?  This included infographic is an excellent source for numerous flood relief ideas. There are two ways to get flood and other types of disaster relief.   Federal:Multiple federal programs that can assist you to recover from disaster. For example, FEMA offers housing assistance where you could be given a limited stipend for rent. HUD also may provide permanent housing solutions for natural disaster victims. And if you are a business owner, the Small Business Administration may offer you with low-interest disaster loans. Private Relief: private agencies, like the Red Cross, also may disaster assistance. Also, churches and other volunteer local organizations may provide temporary...

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