4 Female Friendly CCW Pistols

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Obviously, the average women is not as physically strong as the average male.  Consequently, an ideal CCW pistol for a female may not

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be the same pistol that is suitable for male.  That is why this is a great article by Breitbart highlighting four recommended pistols that are ideal for concealed carry purposes.  Some of the choices are obvious.  For example, a Glock 42 is listed:

The Glock 42 weighs 13.4 ounces unloaded and it is only 4.3 inches from the front of the slide to the rear. So it is super compact yet super reliable because it is a Glock. This gun is light enough not only to carry in a purse or bag but also in a coat pocket during a morning walk in the Spring or Fall. Four Great Concealed Carry Guns for Women | Breitbart

The Glock 42 is also reasonably priced.  Glock 42, according to GunBrokers.com can be bought for around $399.  This article also mentions, the slightly more expensive Kimber Micro.

Kimber Micro–The Kimber Micro is also chambered in .380 and it operates on the same platform as larger, time-proven 1911 handguns. This means it has an external thumb safety and it also means the first shot fired from the gun is single action–so the hammer must either be cocked manually or cocked by racking the slide. The recoil from each round fired thereafter cocks the hammer back for you. Four Great Concealed Carry Guns for Women | Breitbart

For the other two choices go to the article.  But, as always, do your own research from multiple sources, before buying any pistol and don’t take the word of just one reviewer.

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