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home defense shotgunShotgun Home Defense Training

The Daily Caller highlights five must know, home defense, shotgun drills. This article is invaluable as, in my opinion, a shotgun is the best self-defense weapon for most people. However, shooting skeet and duck hunting is quite a bit different from stopping a burglar. That is why it is essential that, for the best results, you should specifically train for home defense.
These drills cover everything from shooting at a moving target to shooting undercover.

Moving Target

This drill is different from skeet shooting because the target is at ground level vs. with skeet shooting you are firing at a target that is in the air.

Kick the Can: The trouble with most paper and steel targets is, unlike real assailants, they never move. So place two or more aluminum cans several feet apart, 7 yards away. Shoot the first can, and shoot it again before it quits tumbling backward. While it’s still moving from the second shot, transition to the other can and shoot it twice, and so forth. Incorporate a tactical reload. 5 Must-Know Drills For Your Home-Defense Shotgun | The Daily Caller

Undercover Shooting

This drill is perhaps the most realistic training exercise. In a life or death scenario, you’ll need to use cover effectively. But, shooting undercover can be difficult. So, this drill is a great way to emulate using a shotgun while being undercover.

Shooting from Cover: Home-defense shotguns are often longer than carbines, so you must know how far from a wall is an ideal shooting position. Too far away and you’re overly exposed; too close could cause you to strike the barrel against the door jamb. Doing so not only slows you down, but creates an opportunity for a bad guy to grab your barrel. Place multiple targets 3 to 10 yards from cover, and start the drill by running to the cover and engaging all the targets while behind it. 5 Must-Know Drills For Your Home-Defense Shotgun | The Daily Caller

The other drills are ae all practical and potentially lifesaving: tactical reload,  clearing jams and close quarters shooting. To read the rest of the article click here to read more at