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Flood Disaster Preparedness

According to, Hurricane Katrina in August 2005 caused 1,833 deaths and an estimated  $108 billion dollars in damages in Flood Disaster PrepNew Orleans, Mississippi and elsewhere.  More recently, Hurricane Harvey in Houston, according to the National Oceanic Atmospheric Association (“NOAA”) caused an estimated 68 deaths that were directly attributed to Harvey with an $125 billion dollar in monetary damages.   Personally, based upon the grossly underreported death tole in Puerto Rico I feel this death count could have been grossly underestimated.  An estimated 2,975 deaths were directly caused by Hurricane Maria (according to CNN)  in Puerto Rico.  The estimated dollar amount of damage caused by Maria has not yet been even estimated as, at a year later, Puerto Rico is still in recovery mode.

I have included hurricanes and not floods as example because hurricanes cause massive floods. Hurricane’s are generally associated with high winds.  For example, Hurricane Katrina reported winds up to 140 mph and   being in the direct path of 100 mph winds is obviously deadly.  But, flooding,  is often the most dangerous consequence of hurricanes.  This is most evident in New Orleans where thousands of citizens were stranded on rooftops in order to escape rising floods.  So, other than moving, what should you do if you live in either flood-prone areas or in hurricane alley?

DIY Preventative Flood Control

Other than move, for some of the above Hurricane and other disasters, you cannot do anything to prevent your home from being Flood Disaster Prepflooded.  First of all, the above disasters were freak occurrences. So, if you are in the eye of a category 5 hurricane there is nothing you can do except collect an insurance check after the disaster has ended.  Realistically,  if you do encounter disasters, flooding won’t be as devastating as the above.  So, there are preventive steps that you should take that could either lessen or eliminate flood damage to your home.

  4 Ways To Either Eliminate Or Reduce Flood Damage

The following infograph list four steps that can be taken to help minimize flood damage.  One of the steps, purchase insurance, is technically a step. However, it is good advice nonetheless.  Some of the steps, in the infograph,  could be a little complicated for some. But, you should definitely do all these steps if you live in flood-prone areas or near any area that is subject to hurricanes.