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Emergency Ration Bar (3,600 Calorie) Review

 The 3,600 Calorie-Protein Bars From Hell

When the SHTF, you will likely not have time to sit down and have a proper meal. However, after your adrenaline wears off, you’ll be dead in the water if you don’t eat properly. That’s why this 3,600 calorie-packed, Emergency Ration (“ER BAR”), protein bars (manufactured by Quake Kare) come into play. And, like all protein bars, they do not require any cooking or preparation.

Please note, it is a little confusing; but, one ration (bar) is not 3,600 calories. The 3,600 total is from nine rations, each containing 410 calories, and totaling 3,600 calories.

Each bar is designed to last for 72 hours, per person, and if necessary, be the only source of food during those three days. However, as the manufacturer acknowledges, 1200 per day is not a lot of calories, which is especially true during a high-stress disaster scenario. The manufacturer also claims that these bars are designed specifically for feeding disaster victims.
Each bar is packaged in a special re-sealable vacuum-sealed packaged that is certified, by the US Coast Guard to keep fresh for up to five years. It needs to said though that only the main bar, which has nine rations, is vacuum-sealed. As a result, you will have to eat the entire bar if you open it as you can’t wrap a bar individually for later.


The ER Emergency Ration 3600 Calorie Food Bar are highly rated on Amazon and also highly vetted with it having 3.9 stars out of 5 and over (at the time of this review) 404 ratings.


  •  Highly Rated:  223 reviewers out of 404 rated the ER Emergency Bar five stars out of five.
  • Taste:  A reviewer, who gave it five stars, said it is mild-tasting, slightly sweet, and tastes like shortbread. These bars also will fill you up and not make you thirsty, which is essential during a high-stress SHTF, disaster.
  • Packaging: It comes packed in an easy-to-open vacuum-sealed bag, which can be opened up by hand.


Out of the 404 reviews, 13% gave this bar a one star out of five stars, which is relatively high.

  • Poor Quality Packaging-Numerous reviewers stated that their order came with holes in the packaging, which made the product useless.
  • Expiration Date-One complaint is that purchasers were given a product that was a year old. As a result, according to the reviewer, the bar would only last four years instead of five. Also, a few reviewers stated that the ER Bar did not last up to its expiration date.


Overall, the ER Bar seems like a good fit for a 72-hour bag. Granted, there were a few troubling issues concerning the packaging and the expiration date. The packaging complaints, of wholes in the vacuum-sealed, were easily discovered, not very many, and could have been the result of rough shipping. The expiration date not being accurate is also troubling. However, out of the 404 reviews, their were very few complaints about this happening. So, the inaccurate expiration date complaints for the ER Bar is likely a fluke.

Overall, the ER Bar, according to its reviewers, serves its purpose as emergency food. I especially like how it is said to have an acceptable taste, fill you up, and how it doesn’t cause you to be thirsty. These are all very advantageous during a disaster. Therefore, based upon the overwhelmingly positive reviews, I would recommend the ER BAR as a source for your bug out bag emergency food supply.

Click the image below to check out the ER Emergency Ration bar.  Also, with this link you can buy from 20 boxes to a single bar.  Also, you can purchase the lower calorie, 2400 calorie, ER bar also.

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclosure for more info.