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Ammunition Shelf Life

stevepb / Pixabay

Apartment Prepper gives great advice concerning ammunition shelf life in their blog post;which is quite helpful as everyone knows that medicine, food, and other preppper supplies have shelf lives.     Some manufacturer recommended shelf lives are, to make sure you purchase more items, are artificially low.   But, many preppers do not realize that ammo has a recommended shelf life.  And since you may not even think about ammo until the SHTF it is essential that you take into account these following tips concerning ammunition.

Manufacturers often indicate that properly stored ammo lasts for ten years.   But in reality, that may be more of a guideline.  Some may last for decades – we’ve all heard of people shooting ammunition from 40-50 years ago with no problems. What is the Shelf Life of Ammo? – Apartment Prepper

However, like food being stored you should not just rely upon a recommended time or any rule of thumb as you need to take into account the physical condition of your stored ammo.   For example, you should look at the following:

Before using old ammo, look for signs of damage such as:

The casing can corrode or rust, the primer can become deactivated. What is the Shelf Life of Ammo? – Apartment Prepper

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