Author: Frank Morris

How Early Should You Start Teaching Your Kids About Prepping?

Although novice preppers might be overwhelmed by the massive amounts of information available to provide guidance as you begin the prepping journey, parents especially must learn how to properly prepare their children for a prepping lifestyle. By following an organized plan designed to be age-appropriate, parents can ensure that their kids will be ready for any disaster. Elementary school Elementary school usually constitutes the largest single portion of your child’s underage education. As such, it is important to make prepping instruction a central part of the knowledge you impart to children during this stage of development. By engaging them...

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Creative Ways to Pay for a Fallout Shelter

With the way things are going in the world, it has never been a better time to start planning and funding your fallout shelter and preparing for potential disasters. When the next disaster strikes you want to know you and your family are protected. However, the financial aspect of this can be stressful. So to help you, here are creative ways that you can pay for a fallout shelter. VA Loans Taking out a loan doesn’t have to be a pain. A VA loan is recognized as one of the best ways to use your credit for something important...

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How to Power a Survival Shelter

You’ve built a secure shelter to protect your family if the worst happens—but how are you going to power it? Various energy sources are available to the avid survivalist, all with their own advantages and drawbacks. To truly excel in a survival situation, it is vital to understand the types of energy that can be harnessed and the systems needed to adapt them to your individual needs. Generators Image credit: Generator Power Electric generators, run on either diesel gasoline or bio-fuel, are the most obvious and accessible power source for many survivalists. Easy to procure and operate, generators can...

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Is it Time to Disband the ATF?

The ATF deserves close scrutiny The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) works under the authority of the Justice Department. Formed on July 1, 1972, the ATF has been involved in thousands of cases of alcohol, tobacco and firearms enforcement. Since its beginning, the ATF has been mired in controversy. In fact, in Congress held a number of hearings on the ATF, in the late 1970s and the early 1980s, regarding their techniques to generate firearm cases. Is the ATF going after the right people? One of the most shocking findings of those hearings was that 75%...

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Your Body Is The Ultimate Survival Tool — As Long As You Take Care Of It

You never know when disaster will strike. From acts of God to terrorist attacks and more, you’re better safe than sorry. While there’s a lot we can do in terms of preparing ourselves with the necessities, many of us overlook the ultimate survival tool: the human body. You’re only as strong as your weakest link, and it’s critical you’re physically capable in the event worst comes to worst. Just like you need to maintain your car to keep it running optimally, you have to make time to keep your body fit. There are some things you can do to...

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