Author: Frank Morris

Your Body Is The Ultimate Survival Tool — As Long As You Take Care Of It

You never know when disaster will strike. From acts of God to terrorist attacks and more, you’re better safe than sorry. While there’s a lot we can do in terms of preparing ourselves with the necessities, many of us overlook the ultimate survival tool: the human body. You’re only as strong as your weakest link, and it’s critical you’re physically capable in the event worst comes to worst. Just like you need to maintain your car to keep it running optimally, you have to make time to keep your body fit. There are some things you can do to...

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The First Commandment of Prepping: Get Rid of Your Debt!

Prepping is all about gaining the ability to live a self-sufficient lifestyle. The prepper is ready to survive and thrive outside of the constraints of mainstream, modern society. It doesn’t matter if the prepper’s need for self-sufficiency comes from a broad economic collapse, change in government policies, or a more personal reason. The prepper is prepared to live without dependency on society. Having the gear and a plan to live outside of the city or find your own food supply is essential. But it’s easy to forget one of the most basic parts of financial prepping. In addition to...

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Gun Cases: The Do’s and Don’ts

Gun Safe Buyer’s Guide Most people have a general understanding that gun cases are used to safely store guns and keep them away from kids or anyone not authorized to use them, as well as keep the guns protected from damaging elements. There are a wide variety of gun cases. More expensive gun safes can protect guns from scuffs, water, rust, or other issues. It is important to do your homework to make sure you are purchasing the best case for your needs. Below, I will discuss some do’s and don’ts in the use of gun storage. The Do’s...

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How To Introduce Your Child To The Survivalist Lifestyle

Survival techniques are vital for humanity at this point when we live under constant threat from nuclear attacks, earthquakes, hurricanes, and other natural calamities. Whereas adults are well-versed with numerous vital survival tricks that can keep them alive in the event of such disasters, our children are rarely equipped with these skills. Whereas we can survive, our children would rarely do so without us. It is therefore about time to start thinking on how we can introduce them to the survivalist lifestyle that we thrive in. However, a lingering question is on how we can precisely do so with...

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5 Ways to Safeguard Your Survival Cache

Protect your Survival Cache, Protect Yourself and Your Family In the unfortunate event of an emergency or disaster, you and your family will want to have access to several survival caches that contain shelter, food, water, and other tools that aid in survival. Preparing in advance for emergency situations is wise. Whether you’re utilizing a survival cache or a bug-out bag, here are five tips on protecting your cache. Type of Container Your choice of container must be based on the kind of environment you plan to stash your survival cache in. PVC tube (DIY) Garbage Cans/Barrels Pelican Cases...

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