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9 Top Mouth Watering Venison Recipes

TOP 9 BEST RECIPES FOR VENISON  You may either be a seasoned deer hunter, newbie deer hunter, or only a SHTF hunter.  No matter what, it can’t hurt you to learn a few venison (“deer”) recipes. WHY VENISON? First of all, just taking into account survival purposes, venison is among the best meats available as it is high in protein, organic,  lean and low fat, and much more. Three ounces of ground venison is only 159 calories, which is significantly less than three ounces of beef with 215 calories. So, in terms of lean protein, you get more bang...

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Quick and Simple, How To, Deer Butchering Guide

VENISON BUTCHERING So, you’ve shot yourself a deer, and you are now wondering what to do with your bounty. You can take it to a specialized butcher to do it for you. But what fun is that? First of all, a local butcher who can prepare your harvest may not be available. Additionally, as a deer hunter, you should not only know how to shoot your prey; but you should also learn how to butcher and adequately process your kill. Also, if the SHTF you are going to want to know how to utilize all parts of a deer....

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Step-By-Step Campfire Foil Recipe

  Print Recipe Meals In Foil: A Classic Camp Cooking Recipe You can call them meals in foil, zip packs, hobo bundles, or some other name. But, whatever name you call them, they are an innovative way to cook your veggies and, if you wish the protein of your choice steaming vegetables. These are easy to make and are perfect if, for whatever reason, you don't have plates for eating. Course: Main CourseCuisine: AmericanKeyword: camp cooking recipes, campfire foil recipes, outdoors Servings: 4 People EquipmentCampfire or Charcoal Grill2' Aluminum foil per personGrilling GovesCutting BoardKnifeCooking Grate (Optional) Ingredients1 lb Ground...

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18 WD 40 SHTF Prepping Uses

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclosure for more info. Should WD-40 Be Included In Your Prepping Gear? WD 40, in its 60 years, is seen by many to be the ultimate product as you can do the following with a WD 40 can: Remove crayon markings from carpet, wallpaper, furniture, and even the TV screen Clean showers, toilet bowls, and other bathroom areas Polish brass and silver jewelry Fix a squeaky chair And Much More . SHTF WD-40 QUANTITIES You’ll want to have enough on-hand if  disaster strikes.  So, this, one gallon, WD 40 jug...

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