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18 WD 40 SHTF Prepping Uses

This post may contain affiliate links. Please read our disclosure for more info. Should WD-40 Be Included In Your Prepping Gear? WD 40, in its 60 years, is seen by many to be the ultimate product as you can do the following with a WD 40 can: Remove crayon markings from carpet, wallpaper, furniture, and even the TV screen Clean showers, toilet bowls, and other bathroom areas Polish brass and silver jewelry Fix a squeaky chair And Much More . SHTF WD-40 QUANTITIES You’ll want to have enough on-hand if  disaster strikes.  So, this, one gallon, WD 40 jug...

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Top Nine Must Know Winter Travel Tips

Nine Essential Winter Travel Tips 1. Winter Weather Forecasts Listening to weather forecasts can be confusing. But, to ensure that you and your family members travel safe, it is s essential that you know at least basic weather definitions. So, if you don’t have to go on a road trip, go another time when a blizzard, snow squall, freezing rain is not present. 2.  Windchill Factor Not taking windchill into account can be deadly as wind can make a brisk temperature into a bone-chilling experience. The chart below says it all how heavy wind can cause hypothermia.   3. ...

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Bark River’s Grind In

The Bark River Grind In Are you a knife enthusiast? Do you collect knives like some people collect sports cards? Are you wanting to explore a career in knife making? If so, you should look into Bark River Knives Grind Ins where you’ll learn to make knives the right way, the Bark River way. First of all, this class is for everyone, who is interested in knives, and not just survival knives as, if you want, you can even make a kitchen knife. The Grind Ins take place three times a year (typically March, June, and September) and you...

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Firewood Is Not Created Equally: Choosing The Best Firewood

Choosing The Correct Type Of Wood For The Job There are thousands of videos, articles and other information, which tell you how to build a fire.  However, selecting the correct wood for the job is often ignored.   Some may think that this information is relatively basic and that most people should already know this information.  However,  fireplace us is not ass common as it used to be.   The reason for this is either through choice (it is a lot easier to turn on your heater vs. chopping wood), heavy regulation, and even some cities (because of pollution...

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