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4 Steps to Protect Your House From Flood Damage

Flood Disaster Preparedness According to, Hurricane Katrina in August 2005 caused 1,833 deaths and an estimated  $108 billion dollars in damages in New Orleans, Mississippi and elsewhere.  More recently, Hurricane Harvey in Houston, according to the National Oceanic Atmospheric Association (“NOAA”) caused an estimated 68 deaths that were directly attributed to Harvey with an $125 billion dollar in monetary damages.   Personally, based upon the grossly underreported death tole in Puerto Rico I feel this death count could have been grossly underestimated.  An estimated 2,975 deaths were directly caused by Hurricane Maria (according to CNN)  in Puerto Rico.  The estimated dollar amount of damage...

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Disaster Prep Food Safety-Cheat Sheet

Disaster Prep Food Safety Guide: What Can You Do With Your Food After It Has Calmed Down The is an excellent infographic about refrigerated and frozen food safety either after a disaster has ended (I.E., flood, hurricane, etc.,) or when the emergency has settled down, and you have your generator going and the ability to freeze and refrigerate your food. It answers the question of “What do you do with food that has been left in my fridge while the power was off?” Some of the tips and info found on this infograph are surprising. For example, that a...

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Be Wary Of These Four Chicken Diseases

Back Yard Chicken Diseases Of course, this article, concerning four common chicken diseases pertains to anyone who raises chickens.  However,  Backyard, city raised, chicken raising is very popular and is a relatively new phenomenon.  So, I would venture to say that it is not a big assumption that people who raise chickens in the backyard would tend to have less knowledge when it comes to knowing about various diseases that chickens can get that are transferable to humans.  That is why this article, by Survival Life,  concerning dangerous chicken diseases is very helpful.  The following is a summary of...

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Time To Order Surplus M1911s Is Coming September 4th

CMP Surplus Program The M1911  is a single shot, semi auto, .45 ACP pistol.  This pistols was the standard issued sidearm for US Military personnel from 1911 to 1986. Now, you have a chance to obtain this iconic weapon, from the US military, through an auction ran by Civilian Marksmanship Program (“CMP”).   The time to order is coming on September 4th and will end on October 4th.  If you miss the deadline, you’re out of luck. However, only 8,000 weapons are going to be available.  So, even if you order you may still not be able to purchase one.  However, to be as fair as possible...

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Food Temperature Cheat Sheet

Food Temperature Guidelines Some may think that a food thermometer and food temperature have little to do with prepping.  Granted, you likely never saw food temp guidelines on Doomsday Prepper.   But, proper food temperature and overall food sanitation are of paramount importance in times of disaster or a SHTF scenario.  First of all, what could be more miserable than a case of food poisoning in times of emergency?  Also, during a  disaster, you won’t be able to go to your neighborhood emergency room quickly.  So, making sure that you cook your food at a proper temperature could save your...

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