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Official-EPA Approved Covid 19 Killer-Disinfectants

Official EPA, 2020 Covid-19 Pandemic Disinfectant List As the time of this blog post was written, there is no vaccine or cure for Covid 19. However, if you are young an underlying and without an underlying health issue that would make Covid more deadly for you, you shouldn’t be overly worried. When Should You Take Extra Precautions? However, the older you get, the more likely you will acquire complications from Covid 19 infection, which could include pneumonia, hospitalization, and death. The unique danger caused by Covid 19 to the elderly population is magnified by the increased chance of death that...

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Attention: Read This Before You Buy A Rifle Scope

When you are hunting for survival or using your firearm for self-defense, every missed shot could be the difference between life and death.  And when the SHTF ammo is also very scarce.  So, you’ll need to ration your ammo.  Rationing is also more than just reloading your ammo-it also means hitting your target.   That is why every Prepper should look into purchasing a quality rifle scope.  Rifle Scopes can be expensive.  But, as a good rifle scope can save a life you should consider purchasing the best scope that you can afford. Buying a rifle scope though can...

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Ultimate SHTF Plan Resource-Radio Activity

Nuclear Warfare Infographic Treasure Chest North Korea, Russia, Pakistan, and maybe even Iran; the threat of nuclear war is real, and all preppers need to know the basics of what to do when and if an SHTF atomic accident occurs.  First of all, unless you are in the center of the blast, you can survive a nuclear explosion. However, you must be prepared and not what to in the aftermath of the blast. These infographics, concerning nuclear warfare and radioactive blasts, will help direct you in the right direction.    This list will contain the following: The different types of...

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These Winter Survival Infographics May Save Your Life

Winter Survival 101-Part 1 This is a recap of winter survival infographics.  The information here is too valuable to ignore. So, I felt it was best to post these again.  These infographics are, by nature, not an exhaustive source.  As a result, if needed look research, here or elsewhere Windchill Factor This is a great reminder of how heavy, cold winds, can be your downfall. So, when going outside in the cold, make sure to check not only the temperature. But, also how windy it is. Hypothermia Signs All skiers, snowboarders, hunters, fishers, and pretty much anyone who lives...

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Use a Survival Axe Like Outdoor Survival Expert Ray Mears

Ray Mears Survival Ax Primer This video, by Ray Mears, is a great introduction to the appropriate selection and the proper use of a survival ax. First of all, learning to use a survival ax is one of the most essential bushcraft survival skills. An ax is an all-purpose survival tool that can help you in a variety of situations. Building a fire to making shelter and ax is essential bushcraft equipment. However, selecting the proper ax and knowing how to use an ax can be daunting. This video solves this problem by giving a great intro to the...

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