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Outdoor Survival Training: It Can Be The Difference Between Life and Death

If you love the outdoors  learning outdoor survival skills is something that every responsible person needs to do. Granted, even though the chances of being placed in a real life survival situation may be remote it’s important that you prepare for just such a scenario. It’s much better to spend time preparing now, than finding yourself in need of survival skills and not having them.  The average urban dweller who finds  themselves trapped in a survival situation are completely unprepared and have no idea of what to do.  As a result of this they’re dependent upon others with only real hope of survival is rescue.  As a general rule of thumb you should learn a wide range of outdoor survival skills so that you will be well prepared when disaster strikes. And be sure to spend extra time learning skills that are pertinent for the part of the world you live in. You should also learn skills related to any areas you might be visiting on a trip as disasters can happen anywhere any an time. When it comes to outdoor survival there are a few basic concepts that you need to master.  First you need to learn how to make a fire.  A fire can keep you warm in cold climates, can help you to process water to make it safe to drink, provides you light at night, and will also...

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Is Krav Maga Useful For When The SHTF?

Is Krav Maga A Good Self Defense System For Preppers? Krav Maga, Israeli self-defense, means “close struggle” in Hebrew.  Emerich “Imi” Lichtenfeld developed this fighting style during WWII in response to increasing anti-Semitism.  It was designed purely for hand-to-hand combat to be used in a kill or be killed situation.  So, there is not a sports aspect of Krav Maga.  As a result, some state that it is the most effective form of hand-to-hand-combat around. For example, Krav Maga’s website lists these following principles: No Rules- Because street fighting has no rules, Krav Maga has no rules. Use Anything-Utilize...

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Long Term Food Storage Organization: Mlyar Bags

  Learning how to preserve is not as simple as it seems.  This video is a good guide on the basics of long terms food storage using just mylar bags and a bag sealer.  Also, it reminds you that you should use a food calculator to find out exactly how much food you will need.  Good info and a must view. Where Can You Buy A Mylar Sealer And Bags? Sealer Amazon is an excellent place for you to start looking for one.   The one below is a mid-priced sealer.  But, it has extremely high ratings and should be...

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The Ultimate Guide To Long Term Food Storage

Long term food storage supply is essential for proper disaster preparation because if disaster strikes you may not be able to evacuate your home. So, you need to have, at the absolute minimum, a 72-hour supply of food. Furthermore, taking into account Katrina, you should consider a larger food supply. If a disaster strikes it’s likely that you won’t be able to leave your house. That’s why long term food storage, at your residence, is essential for every pepper. Therefore, at the very least (just think about Katrina if you think 72 hours of food is enough); you’ll need at least a 72-hour food supply. The following is a list of essential emergency rations that every pepper should have- Canned Food that Doesn’t Require Any Cooking: This includes fruits; vegetables and of course, multiple manual can openers Water Fruit and/or protein bars Granola Cereal (dried is the best) Dehydrated fruit Non-perishable high-calorie foods Vitamins If applicable be sure buy baby food Comfort food (this could be essential as you definitely stress out in times of disaster) Peanut butter MRE’s (Meal Ready to Eat)-you You may be able to buy them online and get a good deal. Freeze-dried food (freeze-dried canned food, if stored properly has a 25-year shelf life Powdered milk Crackers Canned Juice (pineapple and vegetable juices are the...

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The US Military’s Introduction on Outdoor Winter Survival-Part I

This is the first of a two part series of articles concerning surviving in extreme outdoor cold conditions.  This article will cover that basics of food and water gathering.  Part II will be an overview of just how harmful extreme cold can be. Food and The Cold Firstly, most of what you drink and eat, in the arctic is used for maintaining body heat.  And only a small portion is used in producing energy for manual labor. So, around 4,000 calories per day is vital for performing physically demanding manual labor in sub freezing temperatures. In cold weather, the body will rapidly lose fluid even if you extensively readjust and ventilate your clothing. Therefore, whenever in the cold your body fluids, preferably through hot drinks, need to be routinely replaced. And if the drinks contain sugar, they will supply extra calories. RATIONS      The difficulties and hassle of food preparation in the wintertime may tempt you to skip meals. Nevertheless, it is essential that you don’t skip meals, and that you consume a maximum amount of calories. LIQUIDS      You can get water either from lakes or streams. Otherwise, you will have to either make a fire or use fuel via stove to melt snow or ice. And, if at all possible, make sure that most of your everyday consumptions of fluids are warm drinks. Soups and...

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