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Back Yard Chickens: Summertime Care

Backyard ChickensThe backyard chicken craze is still going strong. Backyard chicken raising has hit the mainstream and many urban areas are now allowing city residents to raise chickens.  However, depending upon where you live, the heat can be quite deadly for your feathered friends.  So, this article from the Bangor Daily News is quite useful in giving you some great ideas on keeping your chickens cook in above average temperature.   Overall, this article has seven suggestions for ensuring that your chicken don’t overheat.

1.Make sure your chickens have access to shade. They need to be able to escape the sun during the middle of the day.
2.Make sure your chickens have fresh, clean, cool water throughout the day. This may mean you need to change their water a couple of times a day. And do your best to keep the water in the shade.
3.Consider adding electrolytes to their water. You can purchase electrolyte packages at your local feed store, or you can make your own from this recipe at Fresh Eggs Daily.
Hot chick in the country: Tips to keep your backyard chickens cool | Pajamas, Books, and Chickens

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