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You may either be a seasoned deer hunter, newbie deer hunter, or only a SHTF hunter.  No matter what, it can’t hurt you to learn a few venison (“deer”) recipes.


First of all, just taking into account survival purposes, venison is among the best meats available as it is high in protein, organic,  lean and low fat, and much more. Three ounces of ground venison is only 159 calories, which is significantly less than three ounces of beef with 215 calories. So, in terms of lean protein, you get more bang for your buck with deer in comparison to beef. But, enough of that, you most likely want to know what can do with venison? Well, the answer is that you can do pretty much anything with venison as you can do with beef and other more common meats.  For example, venison makes excellent stews, sausage, burgers, and more.

I will now list the best, most highly rated, venison recipes found on the internet.  The following venison categories will be categorized:

  • Burger
  • Casserole
  • Steak
  • Meatloaf
  • Stew
  • Soup
  • Sausage
  • Jerky

I will list the best, and if it is close, I will include additional recipes.   So, take a look and start cooking.

Venision Burger1. BURGERS

Umm . . . Nothing quite like a good burger.  And deer burgers are especially good.  However, most people buy their burgers pre-made. So, knowing how to make your own burger from scratch can be a bit confusing. So,  here is the most highly rated venison burger recipe from All Recipes, which can be accessed below. This, highly rated, burger is rated five stars out of five with nearly 200 ratings.  Click Here to try it out.


 Deer Slider burger also was tempting, and it is from celebrity check Robert Irvine. So, you should give it a try. Take a look at it HERE.

3. Venison Mostaccioli Casserole

I consider casseroles to be among the best comfort food, as I have especially great memories of my mom making various, scrumptious casseroles.   That is why I was happy to see this highly rated venison casserole. This casserole is filing, and a great dinner main course.  Also, it is quickly heated up for leftovers. Additionally, for people who tend not to like venison’s distinctive taste, casseroles are an excellent way to serve deer.  This recipe uses ground venison meat.  So, this casserole is an efficient way to use up your leftover meat and try something different than burgers. Click Here to check it out.


Venison MeatloafMeatloaf with no gravy and Ketchup brings up pleasant memories.   Also, since venison meatloaf can be made with the less, choice meats, it is the perfect way to utilize all of your deer fully.

Note:This recipe recommends that you use an 80/20 mixture of beef and venison because straight venison can be dry. However, this recipe can work with just deer meat.

The recipe can be found HERE.

5. Stew

Venision StewStews and Soups are excellent just around any time of the year. However,  a tasty venison stew and venison soup is especially great during the winter months after hard days work. The venison stew recipe is highly rated, on All Recipes, at 4.5 stars with over 200 ratings.  One Reviewer remarked:

“A substantial satisfying meal. This stew is tasty served over rice or large egg noodles.”

Click Here to take a look.

6.  Vegetable Soup

The Venison Vegetable Soup Recipe is also highly rated at five stars out of five. (Six Reviews)  This recipe is also suitable for outdoors as it’s easily cooked via a Dutch Oven. Click Here to check this recipe out!


Deer sausage is one of the most versatile meats that you can make with venison.  For example, with venison sausage, you can make casseroles, soups, spaghetti,  and of course, have a link for breakfast.  Sausage can be a bit confusing to make.   However, it doesn’t have to be, and this venison sausage recipe you can soon start making scrumptious sausage on your own.  Click Here to check it out.


Venison Jerky

Who doesn’t love Jerky?   It’s easy to take with you, tasty,  and, as an added bonus, venison jerky is also great survival food.

This venison jerky recipe is from Food Network star, Alton Brown.

This recipe is rated as being easy and also it is said to only take around 15 minutes preparation.  So, you don’t have much to lose if you give it a try. The recipe can be found HERE.


Last, but certainly, not least is a venison steak.  Venision Steak

 This recipe is easy to make (Actual name of this recipe is Easy Venison Steak), and it only requires 15 minutes of preparation time.

 I like the fact that this recipe is easy because there is less chance of messing up a good steak by overcooking it or putting too much seasoning.  Also, a good steak is just good itself and doesn’t need any fancy sauces or other seasonings.

 This recipe can be found HERE.