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With the advent of MMA, Boxing is thought of by many to be just a sport and not as a means of self-defense. However, they could never be wronger as boxing is something everyone should learn in self defense training. So, here is the intro to a series of articles instructing you on how to throw a punch properly.

Making a Fist

     First of all, every self-defense student needs to learn the correct method to make a fist as improperly thrSelf Defense Trainingowing punch may cause dislocated joints and broken bones. And when you are in a life or death situation a broken or dislocated hand can mean the difference between life and death. But, by exercising these techniques you can avoid painful injuries to your hand. To form a fist, you need to bring your finger tips over your palm. Your thumb needs to be turned inward and over you index finger’s first joint.

Hitting 101

Before learning how to, throw various punches you need to learn a few basic principles of boxing. It does go without saying, but in a life or death fight there are no rules, and you must do whatever you need to do to survive. First of all, when throwing a punch, you need to step in, and swiftly throw your punch intelligently and smart. Overall, the faster your punch is, the more disturbing it will be to the enemy. Also, if you are able, you should avoid signaling your punches before you throw them. You also need to put your whole weight and power into your punches without putting yourself off balance. When throwing a punch you should always make yourself ready to follow up with additional blows.
Also, you need to realize that not all of your punches should not design to knock out your opponent as you need to develop a systemized attack plan where you reserve you hardest punches when there are openings. So, don’t throw your knockout punch when you feel your punch can be blocked easily or avoided.

What’s Next

     The next article will start the instruction on how to throw the most common punches. Some of the many punches you’ll learn are the jab, hook, kidney punch and other specialized deadly strikes.