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Prepping can be very expensive.  This is especially true if you read various blogs and prepper websites that try to sell you the latest and greatest survival gear.  However, prepping for when the SHTF doesn’t have to break the bank as you can find perfect disaster prep gear at garage sales.

This article from Urban Survival Site has a comprehensive list of 14 prepper items that can be purchased at garage sales.  And buy buying at  garage sale you can save 50% or more.

Examples of some survival gear you should look at while you are out garage sale or estates sale shopping are the following:

 Camping Gear

Anything that has to do with camping, i.e. cookstoves, tents, lanterns, sleeping bags and so on can all be major assets to your emergency stash. When the power is out or you are forced to bug out, camping will be the way of life and any gear you can bring along will make life easier. 14 Prepper Items To Look For At Garage Sales


Buy extra hoes, rakes, shovels and other gardening equipment. Your prepper garden will need tending and you will likely not have gasoline to run your equipment. These tools tend to break after time so you want to have backups. You also want to have plenty of tools so more than one person can tackle a big job at the same time. 14 Prepper Items To Look For At Garage Sales


Old flannel shirts, coats, gloves, and hats are very inexpensive at garage sales. Stock up on these things when you can. Buy several in varying sizes, especially if you have children that are going to be growing like weeds. Having plenty of coats ensures you will always have something dry to put on if you have to go out and chop wood, hunt, or look for water. 14 Prepper Items To Look For At Garage Sales

Go to the article to see the complete list.