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5 Ways Combat Shooting Is Different Between Competitive Shooting highlights 5 ways competitive shooting drills differ from competitive shooting competition. This article claims and also I personally am not against competitive shooting. Shooting competitively is a great hobby and an excellent way to get use to firing your weapon of choice. But, often competitive shooting is not realistic preparation for a  real life or death scenario and some popular competition shooting drills could even be deadly.

Here, are a few ways in which real life shooting drills differ from competitive shooting drills.

1. Single Shot Targets

All targets are single shot targets for the most part. Training yourself to fire one bullet at a target can mean your death in real life. Regardless of what caliber you shoot, in a real life gun fight you will generally need multiple shots on target to end a threat to your life. Training to fire once and then look for more targets can be a deadly habit to form. 5 differences between competitive shooting and combat shooting

2.  No Cover Is Utilized

There’s no need to take cover. What’s even better is the use of the kneeling or prone position if possible. By doing so, you reduce your profile and make yourself a smaller target as well as form a more solid shooting platform by having the ability to triangulate your limbs for support. 5 differences between competitive shooting and combat shooting

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As was stated earlier, competitive shooting is great hobby and a great way to learn how to get acquainted with your preferred weapon.  However, you need to mix up your competitive shooting drills with real life shooting exercises.