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Disaster Preparedness: What Needs To Be Looked At When The #$%8 Hits the Fan ! !

Disaster PreparednessThe Importance of Planning for Disaster

     Almost anyone can survive the initial disaster.  The trick is surviving in the aftermath.  How can you prepare for a disaster?  That is the question you are likely asking.  Would you survive more than a month on your own? Probably not if you are not properly prepared.

What Would You Do For Food & Water? 

     What do you have in your home, right now, for emergency food supplies?     Obviously, when disaster strikes you’ll not be able to go to the local supermarket to get weekly food rations. So, whether it’s buying MRES, buying freeze-dried food or having home canned vegetables and game; a long term food storage plan is absolutely essential for survival.  The Federal Emergency Management Agency [FEMA] recommends having a two week supply at home, but that should be considered the minimum amount of food you should have stored.   The best food for storage is white rice, pasta, wheat flour, and other foods that can be stored for an indefinite period of time.  So adding a little extra to each grocery shopping run can help you quickly stock up your emergency food supplies. Canned goods, peanut butter, and even vitamins are good to have on-hand as well for your disaster survival strategy.  As for water, you need to plan to have enough for drinking, cooking, and for hygiene purposes.  A general rule of thumb is to have a minimum of one gallon of water per person, per day.  This would mean that a family of four would need to store about 90 gallons of water to meet the two week minimum guidelines! You can go without food for a few days without too much of an issue. You need water for any disaster survival hope. If other people know you have these resources and times are tough after a disaster, however, having food and water isn’t going to be enough.

Self Defense Training Is Important

     In a disaster survival scenario, having an appropriate level of self defense training is critical to surviving.  When other people know that you have resources that are stored up, when their resources run out, where do you think they’ll end up going?  There are good people who will attempt to barter, but more often than not, people will just try to take from you what they need.  Weapons skills (do you know how to use self defense knives or fire a gun?), self defense techniques, and even the ability to negotiate will all become necessary in a post-disaster world.

Have You Considered An Emergency Survival Kit?

     As an affordable way to make sure that you get everything that you need during a disaster the emergency survival kits make for a great option.  Many kits include tools and equipment you may need, long term rations that won’t spoil, and water filtration supplies.  The bug out bag is made for 72 hour survival, while others can help you survive for up to two weeks with just the supplies in the pack. With comprehensive emergency survival kit reviews at your disposal, you’ll be able to select the best survival kit that will be a kit that will effectively meet your needs and kit that you can get  at the right price.  That way, should you need to kickstart your disaster survival skills, you’ll have your needs immediately met.

Do You Have BushCraft Skills?

     You will need to know the tips to surviving in the wilderness.  This is true even if you don’t camp or hunt (What would you do if your car breaks down in the middle of a snow storm, desert, or you are simply traveling on long stretches of barren highway?)  So, you need to know proper outdoor survival techniques. These following skills are essential:

  1. A how-to guide on properly selecting and using a survival axe
  2. Tips on selecting the best survival knife or bush craft knife-(Hint, a fixed blade survival knife is the best)
  3. Learning to make a survival shelter out of natural elements-
  4. Cold weather survival tactics-
  5. Do you know the skill of knot tying?

How Prepared Are You To Survive a Disaster?

     Disaster survival tactics is something that everyone should have in the back of their minds.  Having enough supplies, defending those supplies, and being able to produce more supplies through homesteading is something that every person should have and be able to do.  If you need to stock up on supplies, take a few moments and go through the thorough emergency survival kit reviews to find the right one that will meet your needs.  Disaster survival doesn’t have to be a worry if you are properly prepared should your worst case scenario happen.

     Take these steps today and don’t delay ! ! !   Because it’ll be to late to anything when the S$#@ hits the fan!!!