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Sure, you may have a bug out bag and have prepped your house for a plethora of  major disasters that may come your way.  But, are you prepared if disaster strikes while you’re on the road?  Unfortunately, many are not.

Emergency preparedness should be a top priority no matter where you go. We spend a lot of time in our cars, so it only makes sense to have a car emergency preparedness kit at all times. Use this list and make sure you have everything in your vehicle that you… How To Make A Coffee Can Survival Kit List For Your Car

So, this is why I was pleased about this excellent resource from Survival Life on building a compact survival kit that is small enough to fit in a coffee can.

One tip that I like is that you need to stock up on multi-use tools.

As survivalists, we’ll take an everyday item and make sure it has (or will have) at least two or three survival uses. This includes anything from paracords to zip ties to trash bags!Anything that is not a multi use item is useless! It’s a practical yet necessary mindset that we… How To Make A Coffee Can Survival Kit List For Your Car

Here’s a summary of   some of the recommended items to place in your auto disaster survival kit:

Don’t take a mirror. You are in your car in this scenario. Just rip one off you car if SHTF.
. . .
I would add: an emergency blanket, you never know what the weather is going to be like; a power charger for your phone; water; water; water; and some thing like an expandable plastic bottle to pee/crap in, you may be stuck in the car for some reason… unless of course you carry these kinds of things in your car anyway…
. . .
Besides the kit mentioned above, I also carry a backpack (no frame) stuffed with a towel, Handi wipes, a change of undergarments and a change of clothing for both my wife and myself. We keep these and a blanket in both vehicles.
. . .
Don’t forget the all important duct tape. Protein bars as well and any powdered drink mix (w/ sugar).
. . .
Add some rolled oats. Freeze the oats for a few days to kill any protein sources that might be in it, the just seal it into a long term storage bag with a new oxygen absorbers. It should keep for years. Oats are far more nutritious that processed food powders and with the additon of a little water, can be formed into a small cake and eaten raw. You might also add one of those filtering water straws or a glass bottle of water (with enough air to allow it to safely freeze in the winter. How To Make A Coffee Can Survival Kit List For Your Car

Great article, great advice and must read for everyone.