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DIY Worm Farming

Organic gardening can either be a great hobby and a great way to fill up your survival cache or in the case the SHTF even survival.

iGlobalWeb / Pixabay

Organic gardening is primarily known for not using any insecticides and only natural fertilizers.  But, their is less known gardening method used primarily in organic gardening-Vermiculture.

Vermiculture, the intentional use of worms for the garden, is becoming more and more common. There are many methods for doing it at home, including worm towers and under-the-sink worm bins. But, for those looking to work on a grander scale, bathtub worm farms might be the way to go. They can be put together very inexpensively and will provide both valuable worm castings and worm juices to soup up your organic garden. How to Make a Worm Farm Out of an Old Bathtub – One Green Planet

Also, as a bonus, you can use those worms for fishing and also even barter.   So, take  look.