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Doomsday Preppers – Free Market Is Getting Into Prepping

Whatever your feelings on shows like Doomsday Preppers, positive or negative, you’ll have to admit that Doomsday Preppers and other shows have made the public know more about prepping.  Also, as I noted in other articles, the 1% are also preparing themselves for when and if the SHTF.  Now, a business (Vivos group), is taking advantage of the need to be prepared, by purchasing former ammunition bunkers in South Dakota in hopes of selling them to Preppers.

According to the Rapid City Journal:

The Vivos Group is trying to lease 575 former military munitions bunkers in southwest South Dakota to doomsday preppers, for use in case of an asteroid strike, a nuclear war or any other catastrophic event. Doomsday glamping: See inside the bunkers | News |

These bunkers are owned by ranchers:

The 575 bunkers for lease are owned by a ranching company that grazes cattle on the land around them. Vicino is leasing the bunkers from that company, and then sub-leasing the bunkers to his customers. The rest of the bunkers on the massive site — there are said to be 802 in all — are under the control of other owners and are not being offered for lease by Vicino. Doomsday glamping: See inside the bunkers | News |

The leases are  reasonable (at least compared to the 1% preppers) at $25,000 plus a $1,000 annual fee.   However, the lessees are expected to furnish, supply emergency survival food etc.   Also, according to this article a 2,200 square foot

Inside the showroom bunker, 2,200 square feet of empty space has been transformed into a living arrangement with room for at least 16 people and furnishings to rival the comforts of home.  Doomsday glamping: See inside the bunkers | News |

So, because of their size, families and other groups could easily put their money together to help purchase one of these emergency bunkers.


Personally, I think this is a great idea. However, the location is a big problem for this service. South Dakota has a population of less than a million, and there are few big cities within a reasonable driving distance from South Dakota. So, unless you can get a job in South Dakota near your bunker or you are either self-employed or retired, getting to a survival shelter in South Dakota is impractical for the vast majority of the public. However, this is a great way to repurpose old, abandoned, munition depots and for those that live in South Dakota, these bunkers are work looking into.

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