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Realtor Magazine give a great run down on choosing food, for your emergency food supply, with long shelf life.  Choosing food with a

Long Shelf LIfe Food

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long shelf life is essential because, let’s face it, even with good intentions you may forget to throw out spoiled food.  And, I can’t think of anything much worse than getting food poisoning during disaster.

Some of the suggestions are common sense . . .

Jerky keeps because it’s well-salted during the drying process. Salting—the preferred (and proven) method of preserving meat for the long haul—adds a layer of preservation to the surface of the dried jerky, says Claire Martin, RD, a registered dietician, co-founder of, who devotes her Oakland, CA, garage to disaster-readiness. Pantry Stocking for the Apocalypse? Foods That’ll Last for Years |®

And most preppers know about canned food being a mainstay for the food pantry.

Canned foods low in acid—that’s everything from veggies to tuna fish—will safely keep for half a decade. “Canning involves a cooking process that sterilizes the inner ingredients while sealing them off from any outside bacteria,” says Martin. Pantry Stocking for the Apocalypse? Foods That’ll Last for Years |®

But, did you know that rice and pasta, stored properly can be stored for decades?

White rice sealed in an airtight container can outlast five presidencies and be a tasty meal with minimal effort. The secret to white rice’s longevity is in the milling process that removes the husk, bran, and germ. Unmilled brown rice, while higher in calories, protein, and minerals, doesn’t keep as long, due to its higher oil content.

Pasta stored in a sealed container—not the cardboard box many pastas come in—can enjoy up to a 30-year shelf life. Pasta is usually just semolina flour and water, ingredients that can hold their own against the sands of time. Pantry Stocking for the Apocalypse? Foods That’ll Last for Years |®

A great, short read . .