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The experts at Urban Survival Site   showcases the danger of EMP attacks.  EMP or electromagnetic pulse attack happens when EMP Attackeither a natural or man-made phenomenon disables or destroys our energy grid.  It can occur naturally from the sun or a nuclear strike.  If an EMP strike occurs, your survival odds are bleak.

Experts agree that if an EMP strike from the sun or from a nuclear blast were to hit the USA and down all three of our major power grids, it would result in the death of 90% of the population in just one year. This is a staggering statistic that on the face might seem a bit extreme. EMP Survival: How To Be One Of The 10% Who Survive

The reason is that almost all aspects of modern society are dependent upon electricity.   For example, one overlooked consequence of no electricity would be:

One of the biggest killers would be water and foodborne diseases. Without medical facilities, we would become very similar to the animals that are kept in factory farms. In large metro areas, we would be huddled together in apartments, surrounded by our own waste, and it wouldn’t be long before disease started taking out tens of thousands of people. EMP Survival: How To Be One Of The 10% Who Survive

Also, it will take a long time to get the energy grid up an going again.

You see, after an EMP the entire world will change, possibly forever. It is estimated that power could be completely restored in about four years. To survive until then, you will need to focus on things like sustainable sources of food, water, security, and heat. Community will play a huge role in this recovery as well. EMP Survival: How To Be One Of The 10% Who Survive

So, if the energy grid is disabled, your six months of food supplies will not last long.  This means you’ll need to learn how to farm, hunt and live off the land.   Overall, this article is a great article to acquaint you on EMP attacks and it gives you a good path to learning how to be among the 10% estimated long-term survivors of an EMP attack.