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Prepper Resource LinksThe following are a few links that every prepper should know.  These links cover all areas of prepping and living in a SHTF environment.   The majority of the links come from US Government sites.


Free Active Shooter Training-Unfortunately, with mass shootings becoming  more and more common it is essential that you and your family know how to deal with an active shooting situation.  These resources below give you great advice on dealing with the Adam Lanzas and Dylan Klebolds of the world.



A starting point on how to apply to post-disaster FEMA programs.


LDS Food Storage Calculator

A link to LDS’s famous emergency food supply calculator.  This calculator can help you reduce the guess work on knowing exactly how much food you shoot buy in disaster prep.


Food Preservation

A great source for free online resources concerning the various means of food preservation.  You can get info on all areas of preserving your emergency food supplies


US Department of Agriculture

  1. Flu Information and Pandemics-the below links give you a good starting point for research concerning flus and pandemics.

 Dietary Guidelines

When the SHTF you need to get the most bang for your bucks on food.


Firearm Safety

  1. National Shooting Sports Foundation-
  2. NRA-