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self defense tipsThis video is the first of a three-part video series on the fundamentals of pistol marksmanship. This video pertains to an FBI standard service revolver. However, the information in these handgun training videos is useful for any handgun.  The entire video will instruct the viewer on the following:

  1. The proper shooting stance
  2. Proper pistol grips, trigger control and site alignment
  3. How to both load and unload your firearm
  4. Methods of safely un-cocking your pistol

Part one of this series goes over the proper handgun shooting stance and handgun grip.

Field Interrogation Stance

     This shooting stance is both natural and comfortable.  Basically, this stance is comparable to you standing as if you are in a conversation. A good field interrogation stance is stable, natural and most importantly it minimizes movement.

     This stance has several strengths. First of all, this stance is very comfortable. And because of this, stance being comfortable, your body’s movements are reduced, and your body’s torso will not twist.

     With this stance, you directly face your target, and your feet are shoulder width. Your dominant foot needs to be slightly back from your body. The shooters arms and head need to form a triangle. And when your arm is raised to shoot your weapon, the handgun’s sites directly align with your eyes. When doing this movement you need to remember to keep your head still and try not to move your head. Instead move the weapon and remember not to lock your elbows and your arms need to be kept in a natural/comfortable position.


A. One-Handed Grip

A proper grip is essential for shooting correctly and will allow you to smoothly and repeatedly pull a trigger without you having to worry about having to re do your grip every time you take a shot. Additionally, with a proper grip, your pistol’s recoil is minimized.
For a proper grip, you need to put your hand on the backstrap (backstrap is the rear, metal part of your gun) of your pistol. This results in the recoil of your weapons being greatly reduced and your shooting finger being properly placed on the trigger. You need to place the first joint of your trigger finger onto the trigger.