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Gun Rust Prevention

Firearm Rust PreventionWhether your a hunter, competitive shooter or want to defend yourself, you’ve likely spent hundreds to thousands on your Firearm.  So, it makes good sense to treat your firearm the best that you can, which, means you need to clean your guns regularly.  Most people are familiar with how to clean guns.  However,  firearm rust prevention is an area that is sometimes neglected.   That is why this article from Shooting Illustrated is such a great find.

The biggest takeaway from this article is that proper storage is the key to preventing rust on your guns

If you are going to store your rifle long term, a few extra protective measures will help keep the scourge of rust at bay. The best defense against corrosion is a container that seals against moisture and air exchange. My top choice is a good quality gun safe with a seal around the door and a dehumidifier (or two) inside. But good safes are expensive, heavy enough to require an appliance dolly and help to move and they take up a lot of floor space. Shooting Illustrated | Rust-Prevention Tips for Your Guns

However, with guns safes, you often get what you pay for; so, the best guns safes can be out of your price range.  So, if you don’t have many guns, you should consider purchasing a gun box.

A weather-sealed hard gun box is another route that will allow you to secure the rifle against moisture, but at $100 to $250 a pop, they can be pricey for storing multiple rifles. The same capability is available through military-surplus equipment containers at a fraction of the cost. Shooting Illustrated | Rust-Prevention Tips for Your Guns

This article also gives you the last resort for firearm rust prevention you can apply oil.

Apply a liberal coat of oil to any corrosion-prone surfaces and remember to coat the barrel and inner parts too. You can add some additional cheap insurance by placing small desiccant packs inside the container, too. Shooting Illustrated | Rust-Prevention Tips for Your Guns

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