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Food Canning

AKuptsova / Pixabay

DIY Emergency Food Supplies

Food canning is a lost art.  But, with home canning, there is no better way to assure the quality of your food.  However, it is likely that you don’t have anyone to show you the ins and outs of working a pressure cooker.  That’s why Colorado State University’s new online food canning application is such an excellent resource.

“Overall, CSU Extension has seen a rise in website viewers using mobile devices,” said Shackelton. “But our online resources aren’t mobile-responsive, so we wanted to incorporate our food preservation fact sheet information into the app to meet that need.”  Read More . . .

The application, available on Android and Apple,  focuses on the basics of food canning.

The app focuses on food preservation methods and basics. Users can choose whether they want to preserve fruits or vegetables, and then select their particular type of produce. Preservation options vary depending on the type of produce, but include freezing, canning, drying and making spreadable preserves, like jams and jellies.  Read More . . .

Also, this application, as Colorado is 4,982 feet above sea level, has a unique section dedicated to cooking in high altitude environments.  So, take a look and download this app to start prepping for your emergency food supply needs.