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MRE´sLong term food storage supply is essential for proper disaster preparation because if disaster strikes you may not be able to evacuate your home. So, you need to have, at the absolute minimum, a 72-hour supply of food. Furthermore, taking into account Katrina, you should consider a larger food supply.

If a disaster strikes it’s likely that you won’t be able to leave your house. That’s why long term food storage, at your residence, is essential for every pepper. Therefore, at the very least (just think about Katrina if you think 72 hours of food is enough); you’ll need at least a 72-hour food supply.

The following is a list of essential emergency rations that every pepper should have-

  1. Canned Food that Doesn’t Require Any Cooking: This includes fruits; vegetables and of course, multiple manual can openers
  2. Water
  3. Fruit and/or protein bars
  4. Granola
  5. Cereal (dried is the best)
  6. Dehydrated fruit
  7. Non-perishable high-calorie foods
  8. Vitamins
  9. If applicable be sure buy baby food
  10. Comfort food (this could be essential as you definitely stress out in times of disaster)
  11. Peanut butter
  12. MRE’s (Meal Ready to Eat)-you You may be able to buy them online and get a good deal.
  13. Freeze-dried food (freeze-dried canned food, if stored properly has a 25-year shelf life
  14. Powdered milk
  15. Crackers
  16. Canned Juice (pineapple and vegetable juices are the best)