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Forest Fire Preparedness: What Can You Do To Save Your Home?

Clearing Gutters

The Northwest has been subject to recent, unprecedented,  unrelenting forest fires.  California is one state that has been hit especially hard throughout the entire state.   Redding, California was even hit by a fire tornado.

A California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection report said the tornado was about 1,000 feet wide at its base. It generated gases reaching temperatures of 2,700 degrees and winds up to 165 mph, the report said. Aerial view of California fire destruction shows extent of devastation in Redding area

Also, Orange county has also been subject to devastating wildfires.

There are 18 large wildfires burning across California now, scarring a combined 559,000 acres, officials have said. In Redding, the Carr fire has claimed seven lives and more than 1,000 homes while growing to 163,207 acres, making it the 12th-largest wildfire in state history, Cal Fire officials said in a statement. Firefighters battle 4,000-acre brush fire in Orange County amid extreme heat

Obviously, with some forest fires, there is nothing that you can do to save your house.  For example, if your home encounters a fire tornado, there is little you can do.  However, there is one simple preventive step that you can take to help best spare your house from an uncontrolled forest fire: Clean Your Gutters.  So, don’t put off this annoying chore as it could save your home.