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This is the third video of the three part series on the marksmanship fundamentals. This video is great  for self defense training.  With this video you will learn the following:  how to correctly load a revolver, drills to help reinforce fundamentals and physical exercises to help you become a better shooter.

It’s important to realize that when you pull the trigger of a Smith & Wesson service revolver, the cylinder rotates counterclockwise. What this means is that when you pull the trigger, the round to the right of the hammer will rotate up into the firing position. Why is this important? In combat situations knowing that a live round is in the next chamber is vital. It might even insure your survival.

Fundamentals of Marksmanship     Also, learning how revolvers fire can mean the difference between life and death. For example, in most revolvers the cylinder will turn clockwise when the trigger is pulled. This results in that when you pull the trigger the bullet to the hammer’s right rotates up to the firing position. This knowledge is necessary as it allows you to know if a bullet is in the next chamber.

The indexing drill helps you learn and recognize when the bullet is in the next chamber. With this drill you to load a couple of bullets in the first empty chambers of the revolver. You should afterwards close the cylinder of the weapon so that the weapons’ chamber that is right under the hammer is empty.

Mental  and Physical Aspects of Shooting

     It goes without saying that shooting is a mental game.  So, In order to be an excellent shooter you need to develop steady nerves and the ability to concentrate.

Also, to be a skilled marksman you need to be in good physical shape. This means grip, endurance, upper arm strength and finger stamina and endurance all effect how well you shoot. You don’t need to be a bodybuilder to be a good marksman. Nevertheless, you do need the ability to handle your weapon in a controlled manner. Here, are a few exercises that anyone can do:

  1. Grip Strength: Squeeze a tennis ball. With this exercise, you need to time yourself and try to squeeze the ball for longer periods of time.
  2. Wrist Curls: You can do this by either purchasing weights or using everyday objects. For example, you can try curling a gym bag. Moreover, for upper arm strength, you can just curl the object while holding your arm straight out.
  3. Finger Strength: You will find that when you spend a significant time on the gun range your trigger finger will feel strained. The only solution for this is to either shoot more or buy a special trigger trainer device.