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bhossfeld / Pixabay asks the question of: “Why is survival training not valued for girls?”

It appears that society seems to favor the male population when it comes to survival training. Young boys are encouraged to join the Boy Scouts in order to learn skills that society believes all males should learn. One of those skills is survival training. Women And Wilderness Survival: | Patchogue, NY Patch

Although, this article does generalize, it does have a point.  Other than Girls Scouts, outdoor survival training does not seem to be taught to girls as regular ally among boys. Traditionally, boys are encouraged to hunt, fish, camp and explore the outdoors.  On the other hand, some families and society then to encourage females pursue traditional female interests. I.E. Cooking, shopping, housekeeping. etc. This may be different from your family. However, if your daughter tends to have traditional interests, she may never even learn even basic wilderness survival skills.  This is unfortunate though as, even if your daughters doesn’t like the outdoors, she may be put in a situation where she’ll need outdoor survival skills. (I.E. Car breaks down in a snow storm).