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Glock 17 “A Timeless Classic”

This article, from Ballistic Mag, is an oldie (2007) but a goodie.   In 1988 the author (Chuck Taylor), of this article purchased a G17, 9mm pistol and abused the hell out of it as he didn’t believe Glock’s marketing claims. Taylor’s claim reminded me of the old Timex commercial with the tagline of “It takes a licking, but keeps on ticking.”

Late in 1988, I purchased a Glock 17 9mm with the goal of determining for myself if the then-new pistol was indeed as perfect as Glock had claimed. After all, even back then we were in the age of the “Buyer-Beware!” syndrome. Many manufacturers were making claims of perfection so exorbitant that they actually seemed laughable. Glock 17 Survives 18-Year Torture Test Including 6 Months in Ocean

FYI-The author’s reluctance to believe Glock’s reliability claims was reasonable because Glock only started selling in the US in 1986.

Taylor’s goal was to break his G17, and he did everything conceivably possible to abuse this handgun.  According to the author, he shot over 250,000 rounds, dunk the G17 in both fresh and saltwater, and committed a number of unreasonable abuses on his Glock.  This durability test lasted for eighteen years

Eighteen years and 250,000 rounds later, after immersion in both fresh and salt water dozens of times; being tossed into the sand, dust, snow, mud and grit; being presented from a holster and fired constantly in temperatures ranging from sub-zero to over 100 degrees; and even being left on the bottom of the ocean for six months, my conclusion is that the test Glock 17 is without a doubt a heck of a pistol. Glock 17 Survives 18-Year Torture Test Including 6 Months in Ocean

His abuse was definitely unreasonable.  For example, he didn’t just dunk his weapon in the ocean; he left his pistol on the ocean floor for six months.

I then left the pistol on the ocean floor for a full six months, recovering it on my next trip to the area. Subsequent examination showed only minor—almost microscopic—pitting on the slide lock lever and a small, oddly shaped pit on the left-hand upper corner of the slide just forward of the grasping grooves. Nothing else rusted—not even the internal surface of the bore. Glock 17 Survives 18-Year Torture Test Including 6 Months in Ocean

He also buried his Glock 17 in the desert and submerged it in a creek.

I also buried the test gun in a sandy Arizona dry streambed, then recovered it and fired it without difficulty. Then, as if that weren’t enough, I tossed it into a running creek and duplicated the exercise. Still no malfunctions. Glock 17 Survives 18-Year Torture Test Including 6 Months in Ocean

The gun would not die.  The author’s conclusion was  the following:

In short, even though the G17 is getting a bit long in the tooth, it is still going strong. It still functions flawlessly and still shoots more accurately than anyone can shoot it. Its Tennifer finish, though finally getting a bit thin here and there, is still intact. Glock 17 Survives 18-Year Torture Test Including 6 Months in Ocean


Assuming the author did not embellish the test results; this is amazing.  Of course, the average person will not need that type of reliability for their pistol.  So, you should not just purchase the Glock 17 because this handgun is reliable.  Test other handguns (that have acceptable reliability) and these handguns may fit your better.   But, Glock’s are also known for ease of use and accuracy, and they are reasonably priced.  So, give the Glock 17 a try, and it may be the pistol for you.