Glock 29 Pistol Review

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The Glock 29

National Interest gives a thorough review of the Glock 29 and also a great history lesson on Glock guns. Glock started manufacturing pistols in the 80s.  However, Glock manufacturers some of the most respected pistols on the market.   Known for being durable, accurate and reliable in the field, the Glock is used by police and military worldwide.  According to Special Ops Magazine, the Glock 17 is often a preferred sidearm for special forces.   One thing for sure though, Glock does have a fascinating history when it comes to firearm manufacturing:

The history of Glock dates back to the early 1980s, when knife and bayonet maker Gaston Glock got whiff of a competition to procure a new handgun for the Austrian Army. With no handgun design experience, Glock plunged into developing a pistol for the contract. After much research and development he produced the Glock 17. The pistol was made of polymer and steel, producing a lightweight handgun with an emphasis on reliability. Pointable (the ability of the pistol to act as a natural extension of a shooter’s hand-eye coordination) and highly accurate, it won the army contract and then went on to literally conquer the world. Glock 29: The Best Firearm on the Planet? | The National Interest Blog

Because Gaston Glock was not constrained to the norms of firearms manufacturing, he was able to “think outside the box” and manufacture a world class pistol.   The Glock 29, according to National Interest is a subcompact pistol geared for home defense.

The 10mm Auto Glock 29 was designed for those interested in home defense, regular gun enthusiasts and hunters. The 10mm Auto round, designed by firearms authority Jeff Cooper, was designed as a lighter, faster alternative to .45 ACP. A 180 grain, full metal jacket 10mm Auto cartridge will clock 1,050 feet per second at the muzzle—still subsonic speed but considerably faster than .45 ACP. Lighter 10mm Auto rounds will clock up to 1,500 feet per second, comfortably in the supersonic range. By comparison, a 230 grain full metal jacket .45 ACP round will achieve a muzzle velocity of just 890 feet per second. The 10mm Auto round also produces greater energy at the muzzle and is more compact. Glock 29: The Best Firearm on the Planet? | The National Interest Blog

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