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Gun Safe Buyer’s Guide

Most people have a general understanding that gun cases are used to safely store guns and keep them away from kids or anyone not authorized to use them, as well as keep the guns protected from damaging elements. There are a wide variety of gun cases. More expensive gun safes can protect guns from scuffs, water, rust, or other issues. It is important to do your homework to make sure you are purchasing the best case for your needs. Below, I will discuss some do’s and don’ts in the use of gun storage.

The Do’s

The most important reason most people buy gun cases is for safety. Unfortunately, sometimes gun safety is taken for granted. Improper use can sometimes lead to tragic events. It is crucial to always consider a firearm to be loaded. Assuming that it is not can lead to unfortunate circumstances.

If your gun has a safety, always leave it on until you are ready to use the gun. The safety is designed to prevent accidental firings. The safety is extremely important if a child gains access to the weapon. Never rely on the gun case alone as your safety!

If you’re not into gun cases, it is very important to purchase a reliable safe. This is not a purchase that you want to make a decision based primarily on affordability. Check reviews and other information to make sure you are getting the best safe for your needs. Never rely strictly on advertisements or a salesman’s recommendation.

You need to become familiar with both your gun storage and weapons. Read the user manuals thoroughly to make sure you are using them as intended. To maintain proper function, extend the life of the items and maintain warranties, some maintenance may be required.

The Don’ts

Don’t leave your gun case out in plain site where it can be easily accessible by kids or intruders. Also, don’t store ammunition in or near the gun case, and especially don’t leave any ammunition inside your gun when storing it. You need to always check that your chamber and magazine or other ammo storage in the gun are empty before storage, or separate your loaded magazines from the gun, much like separating the lock from the key. Taking every cautionary measure to ensure that your guns are secure will go a long way to preventing any accidental shootings or death. A wrongful death lawsuit can be expensive and heartbreaking.

It is also important not to keep the keys close to the safe or in an easy to find location. Remember gun case safety can save lives!

Always maintain control of your weapon and keep it pointed in a safe direction. It is important to never horseplay with a gun because it can have deadly consequences. Never assume that because a gun’s safety is on means that you can mishandle it.

Don’t go near your gun storage if you are under the influence of alcohol, illicit drugs or prescription medications that can alter your state of mind. In case like these, sometimes having a combination lock can prevent an inhibited mind from accessing the inside of your gun case or safe.

Overall, it is important to remember that the primary purpose of a gun cases is safety. The intent of the case will be compromised if it is not used properly. The number one thing to keep in mind is to keep your guns locked at all times. If you follow the manufacturer instructions, your case should minimize any tragic gun related events. For more information on gun safety at home or away from home, check out our other articles!

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