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15 Gun Safety Fails (Don’t Try This At Home Kids

15 examples of how not to handle guns.  These mistakes are so mind-blowingly bad.  Yet, like a grisly car accident, you can’t turn your eyes away. These pics are in no particular order of idiocy.  So, for your morbid amusement. Here, you go:

1. I Hope These Guys Aren’t On Our Side!

2.  No Words Can Be Said To Describe The Stupidity

3.  Hopefully, The Moron Will Learn His Lesson . . . Most Likely He Won’t

4. Darwin’s Theory Failed Here!

5. Is This The Real Life Office Wiggums?

6.  Nothing Can Go Wrong Here

7.  I Hope The Idiot Behind Him Isn’t Teaching Any One

8.  That Hurts Just Watching This

9. Breaking His Arm Probably Saved That Little Porkers Life

10.  He Probably Should Have Checked His Surrounding Before Shooting. . . But What Do I know?

11. Proves That Being a Cowboy Does Not Mean That You Are Necessarily Good With Guns

12.  This Guy Is A Cop?

13.  I Hope That Is Isis!

14.  He Probably Should Have Thought About The Recoil

15. Just To Show That Women Can Be Stupid Too

I hope you found this morbidly interesting.  And remember don’t try the above at home.  These are professional idiots.

Click here for a great video on range and gun safety.