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High School Trap Shooting Teams

Clay pigeon, trap shooting was at one time was quite prevalent in New York, state. North County, New York and even urban areas in the state of New York had high school shooting teams. So, surprisingly, although New York has some of the most restrictive gun laws in the United States and the recent active, high school, clay shooting teams have been expanding.

But in recent years, shooting sports have started to make a comeback. Since 2008, 16 new trap shooting teams have formed in school districts across the North Country. The teams are coed and open to members as young as 12. Technically, they’re part of the USA High School Clay Target League, an organization that was designed to draw younger people into the world of sportsman’s clubs.  Via

This upsurge in these shooting teams is quite incredible because in 2016 using real rifles was banned for school rifle teams in New York. But, these local trap shooting teams found a loophole as they were able to get by the 2016 law through:

Students practice and complete off campus, at private gun clubs. They use live ammunition and, for the most part, full-size shotguns. Via

Above all, these trap shooting teams are safety conscious.

Young, who’s also a hunter education instructor for the Department of Environmental Conservation, said new team members can’t pick up a gun until they pass a special safety course. “Safety is number one,” Young said. “Number two is having fun, and third is that at the end of the day or end of the season, we strive for better marksmanship.”  Via

From reading this article, it seems that this is a great program with very little downside.  Click the link  to read more at

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