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Building Your Poncho Lean To Tents

Before you start to  build your shelter you need to ask yourself the following questions:How To Make a Poncho Shelter

  • Do I have the right type of equipment for me to build a manmade shelter?  Obviously,  a poncho shelter can’t be made when you don’t have a poncho.  If you don’t, is there enough natural resources around that can be used to build natural wood shelters?
  • Do you have the survival tools and equipment to make it? I.E. Do I have bushcraft axes or is my survival knife on me.
  • How quickly do I need to build my survival tent? If there is a storm or other harsh weather conditions coming you’ll need to construct your tent fast.
  • Will the wood shelters that I want to make shield me from harsh weather conditions?

Step by Step Instruction Building Your Poncho Lean To Tents

Needed Resources:

  1. One poncho.
  2. Six to ten feet of rope or paracord bracelet.
  3. Three, six-inch stakes.
  4. Two trees around seven to nine feet apart.

When selecting the trees, you need to make sure that the back of your lean to tents is facing the wind.Poncho Lean To Shelters

  1. Secure the Poncho Hood: Tightly pull the cord and then roll the hood long-ways into thirds. You then tie off the hood by using the draw cord.
  2. Cut your rope in half. With the long side of your poncho, you tie half of the rope to a single corner grommet, the other rope half you tie it to the other corner grommet.
  3. Attach a four-inch stick to each rope at around a 1/ 4″ to 3/ 4″ from the grommet. These sticks keep rain from running down the ropes into your tent.
  4. Place a four-inch stick on each rope at about a 1/4″ to 3/4 inches
  5. Tie the ropes to the trees using a round turn and two half hitches with quick release knot at around the height of your waist.
  6. Spread the poncho out into the wind and then anchor the poncho to the ground. You do this by placing three sharp sticks right through the grommets straight into the ground.
  7. Center Support- this is needed if you’re going to be using your lean to shelters for multiple nights or when harsh weather conditions are expected. To make the support stretch a rope between two upright sticks or trees which line up with poncho center.
  8. Fasten more rope to your poncho hood; pull the rope upward so that the rope lifts the poncho center, and tie the rope firmly to the rope that you have stretched between the two uprights.
  9. Windy and Rainy Weather: – Place bark, leaves, brush, blankets, your bushcraft rucksack at the base of the shelter.
  10. Cold Weather- To minimize body heat loss place insulation on the ground of the tent. Leaf and pine needles work great for insulation.