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Modern Survival Blog calls out the excuse the people given to justify unconstitutional surveillance: “Why worry, I have done nothing wrong?”  With the Patriot act, NSA, and other intrusions you unfortunately should worry about exceedingly intrusive spying by the government.  This is very true because even if you are squeaky clean, every who calls you may not be and just associating with someone who is breaking the law could result in a visit by the feds.

Guest article by Lauren “If You Have Nothing to Hide You have Nothing to Fear” Every despotic government in history has used some variation of this. The Germans believed it before WWII, when Hitler was just gaining power, before children started turning in their parents. The Russians believed it before Stalin murdered millions.   Many years ago I spoke to a woman from the USSR (as it was called at the time). She was a teacher, toeing the party line, and she believed it too. She had nothing to hide and therefore nothing to fear. If You Have Nothing To Hide Do You Have Nothing To Fear?

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So, what can you do about?  First of all, stay informed by reading reputable news sources and question everything.  You don’t need to be a tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorist.  But, follow the Ronald Reagan mantra of: “Trust but verify.”