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Glock 43 Review

Glock 43 Review

Photo from Glock

National Interest reviews the Glock 43 or G43.  The Glock 43, due to its performance and compact nature, is thought of as many to be the ideal subcompact pistol for concealed carry.  But, is the Glock 43 all hype or is it the real thing?

What Are Subcompact Pistols?

Simply put, subcompact handguns are designed for concealed carry in that these handguns are specifically manufactured to be compact enough to be hidden and powerful enough to stop an enemy.

The subcompact must balance a bullet powerful enough to stop a threat with the fact that the gun carries fewer of them in order to remain small and unobtrusive. Subcompacts must be small and ideally narrow in order to prevent “printing,” the dreaded phenomenon when the profile of a handgun is visible underneath clothing. Glock 43: The Ultimate Concealed-Carry Handgun? | The National Interest

So, in designing a subcompact pistol, it’s a balancing act between concealability vs. performance.

Overall, according to the review, the Glock 45 is an excellent handgun for those desiring a concealed carry weapon.

Concealed-carry handguns are highly specialized handguns with one mission: actively defend the user until the user is clear of the threat or the threat is eliminated. In situations with other guns present, their limitations make them purely defensive in nature. A concealed-carry handgun owner needs a pistol that can squeeze as much performance out of a small and unobtrusive package as possible. The Glock 43 is one example of such a pistol. Glock 43: The Ultimate Concealed-Carry Handgun? | The National Interest


The Glock 43 Pistol is a an excellent, CCW, pistol. However,  as it is a subcompact pistol, it is solely recommended for defensive purposes.  These weapons also are affordable as they can be purchased for under $800.  So, if you can afford this handgun, you should definitely look into purchasing the excellent subcompact, G43, Glock pistol.

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