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Nowadays, relying on the police as a sole means of protection, at best, is foolhardy or nieve.  The police can’t be there to protect you at all times and even when they can help you by the time they get to you, it will likely be too late.  If you don’t believe this just do some research on the Rodney King riots in the early 90’s, and the more recent Fergusen debacle. That is why the right to defend yourself is one of the most important fundamental rights in society today.

 And without any doubt learning to properly use a gun is one of the best self defense techniques available.  The post will be part of a series of articles detailing when self defense via firearms has been successful is saving potential victims from death or severe harm.
Here are just a few incidents that were a victim’s life may have been saved because of a firearm being used for self defense.

MILWAUKEE — The Milwaukee County District Attorney’s office has ruled  that the fatal shooting outside of “C-Notes Sports Lounge” was justifiable. 29-year-old Kenneth Whatley of Milwaukee was fatally shot in the neighborhood near 37th and Villard just after midnight Saturday, March 21st.

Credits: Fatal shooting outside “C-Notes Sports Lounge” ruled justified self-defense –

Here, is another one:
ST. LOUIS • Police say a fatal shooting at Carondelet Park Saturday night appears to have been a matter of self-defense, but the case will be presented to prosecutors for review. On Sunday police identified the dead man as Ronnie Carlton, 37, of the 

Credits: Police: Fatal shooting at Carondelet Park appears to have been in self-defense –

And this case of road rage, a firearm likely saved a family from violence:

Perez told police that he and Johnson had yelled at each other and exchanged obscene hand gestures from their cars. He said Johnson parked his car in a lane and approached him as he was stopped at the light.

“Jacoby quickly opened the door and was yelling at Anthony,” according to a search warrant affidavit filed in 2nd Judicial District Court. “Anthony had the gun in his hand, again scared for his life, pointing it at Jacoby.”

Then, he said, he shot Johnson six times. Johnson fell to the ground and Perez left the scene, according to the affidavit. There is no explanation in the warrant as to why Perez left.

 Credits: Shooting in road rage incident self-defense, police say – Albuquerque Journal

It should be noted that the person who was shot was:

Johnson weighs more than 400 pounds and is 6 feet tall.

Credits: Shooting in road rage incident self-defense, police say – Albuquerque Journal

Like I said earler this is a first of a series of articles showcasing where guns have saved lives.  Please comment below if you think these blog posts are helpfull, interesting or a waste of time.